How to setup embeddable online booking engine?

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  1. First of all setup your property and enter prices for at least default rate
  2. Make sure that property has enabled Online Booking option in the “Edit Property” >“Online Booking” tab
  3. Go to the “Settings” > “Online Booking” and add a new site
  4. Enter all relevant information. Make sure you have selected property and rate. Also make sure that domain name of your website is entered correctly. If you want your booking engine work on any domain you can use an asterix (*) instead of domain name.
  5. Click “Save and View” button
  6. Get the embed code for insertion to your website by clicking on “customize”button beside the “Result Page with Check Availability Form” and copying the code from the “Copy HTML to clipboard” box.
  7. By using any HTML editor put the embed code without any modifications to one of the pages on your website and save the page.

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