Get a list of hotel city codes – EXT_CitiesRQ

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You can request list of hotels for particular city. In that case you have to use a HotelCityCode criteria in the OTA_HotelSearchRQ. To get a list of available city codes you can run following requst.

Request sample

<EXT_CitiesRQ PrimaryLangID="eng" AltLangID="" Version="1.003">
        <POS />
                <Location CountryCode="CA" />
                <Location CountryCode="FR" />

Above example will return all cities and city codes for all active properties in Canada and France in English language along with Longitude and Latitude. If you need a full list of all cities in all countries (for active properties only) you can just take out the Criteria section.

Required fields:
Version – not sure why we require it
PrimaryLangID – we need to know which language to use. Use ISO 639-3 language codes.

Response sample


Response fields explained:
CityID – City code
CountryCode – Country code
LanguageCode – ISO 639-3 language codes
Latitude – self explanatory
Longitude – self explanatory
Name – Name of the city in our DB in selected language

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