Get a list of hotels – OTA_HotelSearchRQ

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This request could be used in case if you need to get a list of hotels available on certain dates. Also you could specify location and required amenities.

Request sample

<OTA_HotelSearchRQ PrimaryLangID="eng" AltLangID="deu" Version="1.003" xmlns="">
    <POS />
            <StayDateRange Start="2012-02-05" End="2012-02-15" />
            <HotelRef HotelCityCode="27490" />
            <HotelAmenity Code="5" />
            <HotelAmenity Code="17" />
            <HotelAmenity Code="29" />

Required fields:
PrimaryLangID – Use ISO 639-3 language codes
Version – This is strange, but OTA requires it to be a required field

Optional fields:
AltLangID – Use ISO 639-3 language codes
StayDateRange – Desired period of hotel reservation
HotelCityCode – Desired location
HotelAmenity – OTA Hotel Amenity Code (HAC)

Response sample

<OTA_HotelSearchRS version="1">
        <Property HotelCode="532" HotelName="Name of the hotel goes here">
            <Position Latitude="65.326526" Longitude="32.659827"/>
            <Policy CheckInTime="14:00:00" CheckOutTime="12:00:00"/>
                <AddressLine>Sample street address will be here</AddressLine>
            <Award Rating="3"/>
                <VendorMessage Title="Descriptions">
                    <SubSection SubTitle="Description">
                            <Text>Description text will come here</Text>
                    <SubSection SubTitle="Amenities">
                            <Text>Amenities will come here</Text>
                    <SubSection SubTitle="Services">
                            <Text>Services will come here</Text>
                <VendorMessage Title="Images">
                    <SubSection SubTitle="Image[0]">
                        <Paragraph Name="Thumbnail">
                        <Paragraph Name="Original">
            <RateRange MinRate="100" MaxRate="150" RateTimeUnit="FullDuration" CurrencyCode="EUR"/>

Response fields explained:
HotelCode – Hotel ID
HotelCityCode – Code of the city where hotel located
CheckInTime – Time of check-in
CheckOutTime – Time of check-out
HotelName – Name of the hotel
Latitude – Latitude
Longitude – Longitude
County — Country code based on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
CityName — City code
PostalCode — Postal code
AddressLine – Address line
Rating – Hotel star rating
VendorMessage Title=”Descriptions” – Hotel descriptive content
SubSection SubTitle=”Description” – Hotel description
SubSection SubTitle=”Amenities” – Hotel amenities
SubSection SubTitle=”Services” – Hotel services
VendorMessage Title=”Images” – Collection of hotel photos
SubSection SubTitle=”Image[х]” – х — Number of the photo in collection
Paragraph Name=”Thumbnail” – Thumbnail
Paragraph Name=”Original” – Original photo
MinRate – Min price for selected dates
MaxRate — Max price for selected dates
CurrencyCode – Currency code based on ISO 4217

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