Update reservation – OTA_HotelResModifyRQ

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When you need to update an existing reservation you can use OTA_HotelResModifyRQ call.

Request sample

<OTA_HotelResModifyRQ Version="1" xmlns="http://www.opentravel.org/OTA/2003/05">
            <UniqueID Type="14" ID="265913" />
                        <RoomType RoomTypeCode="C_2208" />
                        <RatePlan RatePlanCode="1201" />
                        <RoomRate RoomTypeCode="C_2208" NumberOfUnits="1" RatePlanCode="1201">
                                <Rate UnitMultiplier="3">
                                    <Total AmountAfterTax="730" CurrencyCode="EUR" />
                        <GuestCount AgeQualifyingCode="1" Count="1" />
                    <TimeSpan Start="2017-11-11" End="2017-11-14" />
                                <PaymentCard CardType="2" CardNumber="4111111111111111" SeriesCode="555" ExpireDate="05/2020">
                                    <CardHolderName>Guest Name</CardHolderName>
                    <BasicPropertyInfo HotelCode="2181" />
                        <ResGuestRPH RPH="11" />
                <ResGuest ResGuestRPH="11">
                                    <Telephone PhoneNumber="+12345678900" />
                    <HotelReservationID ResID_Value="265913" />

Required fields:
RoomTypeCode – Room Category Code. Note it starts from C for hotel rooms and from P for apartments and virtual units
RatePlanCode – Rate plan code
AmountAfterTax – Amount
CurrencyCode – Currency code based on ISO 4217
TimeSpan – Period of reservation
Start — Check-In date
End — Check-Out date
CardType — Credit card type. Use 1 for Visa, 2 for Master Card, 3 for Maestro, 4 for American Express and 5 for Dinners Club
CardNumber — Credit Card number
SeriesCode — CVV2
ExpireDate — CC expiration date
CardHolderName — Cardholder’s name
HotelCode — Hotel ID
PrimaryLangID – Use ISO 639-3 language codes
Version – This is strange, but OTA requires it to be a required field

Response sample

<OTA_HotelResModifyRS xmlns="http://www.opentravel.org/OTA/2003/05">
                    <HotelReservationID ResID_Type="14" ResID_Value="S_265913" ResID_Source="colibry_pms"/>

Response fields explained:

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