What's New

What's new

Direct connection to Booking.com

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have established a powerful direct 2-way connection to Booking.com – a number one online hotel reservation service with a widest customer reach. Presently Booking.com offering almost 300,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide, and generating thousands of hotel bookings each day. The impressive fact is that more than 50% of European online hotel reservations made via Booking.com.

This solution will enable the hotel to manage all rates, inventory and availability from its Colibri Property Management System and to receive reservations directly into its Reservation Board.

Direct connection allows us to lower the channel management fees by removing an intermediate tier between the hotel and the booking portal. As a side benefit it makes the reservation gathering, availability and price update a bit faster, more stable and secure because bites of the information will not go through an extra step in the Hotel <-> Booking Site chain.

Currently we charge just $5 per property per booking site per month for directly connected sites. Thus it’s probably the best offer on the market.

Additionally to the Booking.com, Agoda, Hotel.de, Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Venere and Oktogo.ru we will keep adding more direct connections to major booking channels. However, we are not stopping maintenance of current channel management partners such as BBLiveRate, Hotel Spider, AvailPro and Cultuzz and even adding new channel management partners.