What's New

+ Pending reservations are now showing on the Reservation Board. These are retrieved from the Online Booking module when the Automatic confirmation option is switched off. After clicking on a reservation, you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page where detailed reservation info is available and you can confirm or cancel the booking.

Pending reservations are now showing on the reservation board

+ Now “Directions” is a separate field in Apartments (Condo/Chalet/Villa). So you can automatically include the ‘Directions’ in the booking confirmation email and on the thank you page in the Online Booking.

+ We have added ability to set maximum page width in the Online Booking customization.

+ We have added detailed payment information in the guest’s detailed view. So now you can easily check a guest’s history.

Detailed payment info in the detailed view in the clients

+ We made 40 other small changes.