What's New

+ Taxes moved to the property level from the account level for our customers with properties located in different regions.

+ Also we have added ability to setup a cap for the tax fee. For example in Barcelona there is a tourist tax from €0.65 to €2.25 per person per day, but with a maximum of 7 days.

+ Expanded access levels for reservation board. So currently it’s possible to only allow user to see the availability or see availability and prices and finally have full access with ability to create and update reservations.

+ Reservation Board currently shows checked out reservations.

+ Added an option to see only paid or only unpaid invoices in the reports.

+ Expanded action log so it’s currently show updated reservations.

+ Added ability to search by the guest name in the list of reservations.

+ For our Spanish customers we’ve added ability to generate a police report.

+ Added new ID types for Guest Registration Card and Guest Profiles.

+ In the Guest Folios now it’s possible to sort records by property.

+ Added ability to setup OTA codes for Apartments.

+ Added ability to refund any payment quickly.

+ Added ability to generate Credit Notes.

+ Finally created a first version of rate management wizard. So it’s now much easier to quickly update a price for particular room category on certain date.

+ User now could setup retention policy for billing information. There are 3 options: never store, erase immediately after check-out and erase after X days after check-out.