What's New

+ Added feedback gathering. In couple days after check-out we are triggering an email asking guest to share his feedback about the stay. Collected review will be stored in the guest card. In the future we will use these reviews in the Multi-Property Internet Booking Engine. This feature could be enabled upon request.

+ Expanded Inventory Report. Added Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) columns.

+ Added ability to export list of invoices to CSV.

+ Updated guest suggest on the Reservation Board so that is currently showing in-house guests as well.

+ For our Portuguese customers we updated SAF-T(PT) XML reports to comply 1.02 requirements.

+ Improved SMS notifications so that is not sending blank fields anymore and not sending messages about Special and Maintenance reservations. Also umlauts will be replaced with closest 7-bit ASCII equivalent. For example if guest name is “Melinda Dušan” it will appear in the message as “Melinda Dusan”.

+ Fixed bugs in our new pricing wizard and added color coding to the price/availability grid. Please note this is still beta!

+ Fixed a several minor issues and improved performance and general stability.